About Us

Since 1997, local owners Ronald and Sheila Lamell have been providing mobile storage for consumers and businesses throughout Vermont and the surrounding areas. Offering steel storage containers in three sizes, varying in colors and conditions allowing you the opportunity to get the one that will meet your storage needs at a price that works for your budget. Whether you are a contractor looking to securely store materials on the job site, a home owner looking for extra storage, or a maple syrup producer looking to store materials safely before, during, and after the season, we encourage you to give us a call. Whatever reason you are in need of storage we are sure we have a solution to fit your needs. Give us a call today and our friendly staff will be glad to give you a quote and deliver right to your door.

Our Products

We rent, sell and finance new and used 20’ and 40’ steel ocean cargo containers in varying colors and conditions, and we can deliver directly to your site.

We have the following sizes available:

  • 8’ Tall X 8’ Wide X 20’ Long
  • 8’ Tall X 8’ Wide X 40’ Long
  • 9’ Tall X 8’ Wide X 40’ Long (known as a high cube)